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          The Ministry of Environmental Protection will formulate a blue sky to defend the three-year war plan

          2018/04/24 10:13
          On the 27th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a regular press conference in February to introduce the progress of air pollution control. The Ministry of Environmental Protection stated th

            On the 27th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a regular press conference in February to introduce the progress of air pollution control. The Ministry of Environmental Protection stated that the current air pollution control has achieved remarkable results. The next step is to formulate a three-year plan to win the battle to defend against the blue sky and to accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure and energy structure. According to the introduction of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, since the implementation of the Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Ocean Ten”), air pollution prevention has made significant progress in stages, the air quality in the country has generally improved, and the key areas have significantly improved, and the “Atmospheric Ten Article” has successfully closed. official. In accordance with the requirements of the “Ten Articles of the Atmosphere”, by 2017, the concentration of PM10 in prefecture-level and above cities will decrease by more than 10%; the concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta will decrease. About 25%, 20%, and 15%, of which the annual PM2.5 concentration in Beijing is controlled at about 60 micrograms/cubic meter. The air quality improvement targets identified in the “Atmospheric Ten Articles” have been fully realized.

            It is worth mentioning that during the advancement of air pollution prevention and control work, the governance structure among different regions has been initially established. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and provincial (district, city) governments signed the target responsibility letter and implemented annual assessments. The main responsible comrades of over 20 slow-moving urban governments were interviewed; the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) formulated actual implementation plans in light of actual conditions, and refined the breakdown. Tasks, layers of responsibility. Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection stated that in the next step, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will in-depth review the implementation of the “Ocean Ten”, formulate a three-year battle plan to win the battle against the blue skies, specify the specific battle and its timetable and roadmap to Beijing, Tianjin, and surrounding areas. The key regions such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta are the main battlefields. They concentrate their superior forces, strengthen joint prevention and control at the regional level, and fight one battle and one battle to ensure more success in three years. Specifically, in resolutely adjusting the industrial structure, the next step will be to comprehensively promote the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises and clusters, incorporate all fixed pollution sources into environmental supervision, and install on-line monitoring of all key industrial pollution sources, with a clear understanding of unlicensed emissions and emissions. The non-compliance companies finally corrected the time limit, overdue all laws and regulations, and shut down in accordance with the law; the special emission limits of atmospheric pollutants were implemented in key areas to achieve deep governance. In the iron and steel and coking industries, major projects for ultra-low emission reforms have been carried out.

            In terms of accelerating the adjustment of energy structure, the coal-fired unit with heavy pollution will be eliminated and the supply of clean electricity will be increased. In key regions, efforts will be made to increase the supply of natural gas and electricity, and the total consumption of coal will be substantially reduced. In response to heavy pollution, the responsible person stated that it will further improve the air quality forecasting system, promote the six regional air quality forecasting and forecasting centers to form their capabilities and function as soon as possible, improve the emergency plans for heavily polluted weather, optimize the start-up standards, and compact The emergency emission reduction list measures, the implementation of regional emergency response, and strive to make the heavy pollution process reduce peak time.