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          Add:No. 5-1426 Weima Plaza, No.2 Gaopan

          Road,Chengdu City,Sichuan,CP.R. China



          Sichuan Giant Chemical Technology Co., Ltd    Tel:0086-28-85293317 Fax:0086-28-85293217   蜀ICP備11026201號    Power by 300.cn

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          About Us

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            Sichuan Giant Chemical Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2009, formerly known as a chemical raw materials and products distributor, has an office in London for business across Europe and is headquartered in Chengdu, the political and economic centre in southwest of China. Its managing team has over 15 years of proven expertise in chemical industry. It supplies over 50 brands of products in four sectors:1. Chemical-based foundational product such as soda ash, caustic soda.2. PCE-based fine chemicals such as methyl chloride 3. Pharmaceutical and chemical industry mainly pharmaceutical salt and baking soda4. Plymer materials such a polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) The company has established close cooperation with some famous chemical factories and consumer products companies both in China and overseas. P & G (Procter & Gamble) China in Guangzhou city highly recognized its service and has signed it a long term contract to supply chemical raw materials and offer logistic solutions to P & G synthetic detergent factories across Southeast Asian as well as the one in Chengdu, China. The company also provides process solutions for chemical manufacturers in the southwest. It has intimate contacts with some domestic research institutes. The majority of us, the management and supervising staff In the company are well educated and expertise in the industry with overseas working experience. Our prices for soda and alkali chloride products are most competitive due to our good relationship with the leading manufacturers in China. For products in PCE-based fine chemicals, pharmaceutical &chemical industry, as well as Plymer materials, we aim at providing our domestic and overseas customers competitive prices for products made in China but comparable in quality to those imported. We will always remain innovative, practical, honest and aggressive in our service inclusive of product supply, logistic solution, process optimization and technology development.